Yoga time

yoga time

What exactly is yoga? Who thinks that a slow exercise, they are wrong. Yoga is a philosophical direction, which is based on Hinduism. "Its purpose is to avert from his own ego and achieve complete liberation from suffering. Yoga literally means harmony, balance, connection, unification. Where is the balance, everything is fine, whether it relates to health, relationships or anything else," says Vera Vojtěchová from Prague House of yoga.

Exercise in nature


Currently, we are too often confined within the four walls and forget the benefits that we provide the environment in which we are surrounded by nature. Nature offers us many more options as you work out, than it might seem at first glance. With nature, we usually associated only certain types of aerobic sports, but with a little experience with exercise and a lot of imagination, we can create the perfect exercise to strengthen the body as well as the elimination of excess body fat. At the same time you can easily relax, forget about all the problems that have accumulated during the day and breathe lots of fresh air.

Spring is great for walking


Spring has finally arrived. I really love this season. Suddenly see the day, nature begins to color while I walk after messing up ants and other ground beetles, which I'm afraid.
I did not know that in such a polluted city like Kladno, still there are some bits of nature. And yet we do one with grandparents, sister and two dachshunds went. Those eight kilometers me Nabil wonderful energy that provides just awakening nature. And since I took a lot of photos and adventure, I write. Moreover, this section need to wake up from hibernation, like all the others.


Chladničky na víno podle Heuréky

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Dnes jsme si přečetli recenze na serveru ohledně výběru chladničky na víno. Je to totiž nedílná součást výbavy správného milovníka vína z Moravy. V recenzích zvítězila skříň Duvanox. Recenzenti vyzdvihli hlavně její obsažené dvě oddělené tepelné zóny a nízkou spotřebu. Naopak nevýhodou u ní je velká hlučnost. Naopak nejhorší chladničkou je podle uživatelů značka Guzzanti. Má sice libivý vzhled, příznivou cenu, ale nejasný návod, je velice hlučná, nedosahuje avizované teploty 11°C a bez zásahu se samovolně ohřívá zpět na 18°C. Je těžké vyhovět všem požadavkům, ale pokud si nevíte rady, můžete se dotázat profesionálů v oboru vína - firmy Víno Partner.


The future of the office - Green office in Prague

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Healthy lifestyle is not strictly about eating habits, active sport participating and positive thinking. You need to create also healthy atmosphere around you and choose right places for working. Old school offices with bad air conditions, disgusting smell and terrible interior design, this is a nightmare for everyone. Get rid of it.

green office prague

All you need is to visit website and find beautiful offices for rent in Prague. Why? Because Prague as the heart of the Europe provides new buildings including Green Offices. Green Office means that building is designed and constructed with atmosphere benefits and is also eco friendly. Everyone feels better there.

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Chinese medicine

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is originated in ancient China and has evolved over thousands of years. Its practitioners use herbal medicines and various mind and body practices to treat or prevent health problems. In the United States, people use TCM primarily as acomplementary health approach.